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Founded in 1964, Bloomingdale School of Music is dedicated to life - changing music and providing access to high-quality music education for all. Access to music education is our hallmark, and in the last decade alone Bloomingley has helped thousands of families and provided more than $2 million in tuition grants. Founded over 50 years ago, our mission is to nurture those who grow up and help them become people who have the potential to change for the better, not only for their own good, but also for their own.

Bloomingdale works with our students to remove barriers to high quality music education in an inclusive way that impacts the online experience and teaching staff. The school offers a wide range of online courses, from music theory and music theory to musical performances. Our courses are great and our performance improves when you learn the skills required to present and put these achievements into practice.

Bloomingdale is a music-oriented community center where everyone is welcome to learn music from our high-level faculty. Our courses aim to teach students the basics of music theory, music practice and musical performance. Music theory is a practical examination of the structure of music, which leads to the development of a deep understanding of music theory and its application in everyday life. Pre-school students explore the sounds and sights of music, with an emphasis on the music of sound and vision as a key component of their musical education.

The entrance choir flute is a full-time group for all ages with a focus on music theory and music practice. This group performs in a variety of music genres, including classical, jazz, folk, country, rock, blues, pop, hip-hop and more. Jazz ensembles are a diverse group in which students can explore music in different styles, styles and styles. All music parts are tailored to the abilities and comfort level of the student and everyone is welcome.

BSM is pleased to have three complete theory levels available for students aged 8 to 18. BSM offers a variety of opportunities for the whole family to participate in these activities, including music lessons, music practice, music theater lessons and more. Join other musical theater enthusiasts, ages 13 to 21, as they explore the Broadway repertoire with virtual group, solo and video performances, culminating in a live performance of the Broadway musical "Hamilton" at Bloomingdale Opera House. The Spring 2021 lecture series includes a series of lectures on the history of Broadway, the musical theater industry, and Broadway in general.

The Bloomingdale Guitar Orchestra is designed for a wide range of ages and skill levels and presents music from the Renaissance to folklore arranged for classical guitar. This course is designed to provide participants with practical musical skills that are also valuable for development - rounded musicians who bring babies and toddlers closer to the world of music.

The trumpet ensemble consists of 3 - 5 members who play various instruments such as trumpet, saxophone, clarinet, bassoon and trumpet. The ensemble has been part of the Bloomingdale Symphony Orchestra for over 30 years and is one of only a handful of orchestras in Indiana with such an extensive repertoire.

We are committed to promoting music education for all who want to learn and continue to focus on supporting our mission with these values. We run a 4-week music course to give students a basic understanding of music and to inspire them to listen to music in different styles.

More About Bloomingdale

More About Bloomingdale