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Paul and Jackie Romano of Steubenville announced the upcoming wedding of their son and daughter-in-law Paul Rose and Michelle Rose. Skip Miller and Jodi Welsh of Toronto announced their marriage to Derek Miller, a former member of the Toronto Raptors. Doug and Judy Peckens of Yorkville announce they are expecting their first child, an unborn baby.

Brian and Jami Heavilin of Hopedale announced the wedding of their son Kyle and daughter-in-law Jennifer to Kyle DeHamer. They have been friends since seventh grade and now they will finish their school careers on the same football field. Michael and Terry Dehamer of Bloomingdale announced their marriage to their wife Mary, who is a member of the Indiana State University football team. Mike and Karen DeFazio of St. Joseph, Ill., announced they are getting close to marriage.

He attended Nyesville Elementary School from 1930 to 1936 and later graduated from Marshall High School in 1942. The students, including his son Michael DeHamer and his wife Mary, attended grades one through eight in Catlin and then went elsewhere, depending on which of them lived in the township.

In Nyesville, Adams and Washington Township schools were closed for two days. Students in Catlin went to high school in Rockville or Bridgeton or Rosedale, depending on which side of the street or township they lived in. Her house was at the intersection of Adams Road and Adams - Washington Road in the town of Nyeville.

In the northwest corner of the site, the baseball field was located down the hill from the school, and the ball diamond was located in the pavilion northeast of where the municipal swimming pool is now. The football field ran south along the fence line, east-west, south and west and north-east.

When Parke County was founded in 1821, the county stretched from the Illinois line to the Wabash River. In 1824 it became the western border of Parkes County, and Vermillion Township was organized as Vermilion County. There was a football field on what is now US 41 and a baseball field at the northern end of the school.

Highway 36, which passes through the city of Bloomington on its way to the Indiana-Illinois line and the Illinois-Wisconsin border.

The Catlin School is located on the east side of the street, just before the "S" turns into the west side - a side street. The Hasenstadt School was located in an area southeast of Mecca, under the covered bridge of Mecca, called the "Hasenstadt School." The school was located at the intersection of Highway 36 and South Main Street, about half a mile south of Rabbit Town. It was described as the first public school in the area and the only one of its kind.

The race track was opened in 1926, when the automobile sport was still in development. I could never have seen it and seen its part of the wilderness without being told what it was, except in the stands.

It was even operated as a primary school and is still active today as an educational centre for pupils of the GVSU and other schools in the area. Finally, a Pac-12 bid came in, which included four schools from the Pacific Northwest, and with GvSU traveling a lot on weekends, Lakers head coach Jerry Baltes was thrilled to see the contest at the GVsSU track in Allendale. He knew it would be a challenge for the Lakers if they went on another stretch they weren't used to, but he felt they performed well overall.

Riley said moving to South Bend won't be difficult for him, and he's also excited about the future of the program in Indiana.

Riley knows the Lakes' long history and tradition, having coached on the program that starred Super Bowl hero Jermaine Kearse. It's been a long time since he hoped to serve as an inspiration to Bloomingdale in a 7v7 program he starred in from his native Washington. Riley began his prep career at Lakes High School before moving to Florida in the middle of his sophomore year. Reggie Williams prepares for his final year in high school football at Lakeland High, Fla. Although Riley is a Bloomingley Avenue resident, he said he will always consider himself a Lakes Lancer.

During my years at Catlin School, the school's library was perhaps one of the best in the county. The 7th and 8th grades will remain part of the high school, while the high school with its sports facilities such as a football and basketball court will be built. Both buildings are located at the corner of Beadle and Shadeland Streets, facing east and west to Badele and north to ShADELand Street, facing west and east.

When I moved to Catllin in 1953 at the age of 5, the school was dissolved and I went to Rockville High School for 8th grade. I don't know which year, but nobody here could be older than me in 6th and 7th grade and probably even younger than me. My brother Robert, now in his mid-20s, attended school and went to the fourth grade of Fisher School, which was closed at the end of the 1942-43 school year.

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