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I know that many of you are asking about the weather we are still experiencing in our region, so bear that in mind. A single supercell thunderstorm developed in western Illinois and is moving eastward across central Indiana to Lake Michigan. At the same time, a series of strong to severe thunderstorms will move north through the states of Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin.

Kenosha County crossed the county line, where CTH - U Walworth County crosses and becomes CH - F Walwha County. The tornado continued east-northeast on Stimes Road and eventually crossed the Boone-McHenry County border on Hunter Road.

The northern part of the county is now moving toward the West Virginia border, from King's Cross to Lebanon, and now it's pretty much exactly why it ended up there, pretty much right there. In North Carolina, you can see from Waynesville that the entire line is pushing east as well as east and southeast. This will hit parts of southwestern North Virginia, but not as hard as parts of South Carolina.

If you look at the radar here going south, the embedded storm potential is still there, so it's possible you're asking for a tornado threat. At the moment it doesn't seem to have the potential to generate strong winds, but I'm trying to keep you posted so you can see that there's not much going on on that front. Showers and thunderstorms are expected throughout the day, however, as they can all expect strong winds.

There wasn't much hail reported, but we had a bit of hail in the core, so there's a bit of "a bit" of it if you look at it right there. We are seeing really strong thunderstorm activity and will see some of these showers, while also making sure thunderstorms flare up.

The next small cluster of showers is moving into parts of Green County and Morristown, and we have the potential for some strong winds here. It will penetrate from the west, advance a little north to the north - central part of the state - and then take off north.

Let's go back to East Tennessee, where Green County is used, and look at it - Green County will experience some showers and thunderstorm activity. We have a warning back in Kentucky, but let this clock go further west than it did a year ago - And then we see a lightning strike from a complex of showers into the bay. This is a fast moving storm line, so we don't see many warnings or tornado warnings as this line moves through the region.

Looking to East Tennessee, we see some showers and storms in Mountain City, but the rest are just locally heavy rainfall.

If you are serious about highpointing in Indiana, please visit the Highpointsing County website, join the Yahoo County Highpointsing Group, or read Andy Martin's book. Select a county from the interactive map list below and select "Highpoint Indiana" in the top right corner as your county of choice.

The Champaign County Geographic Information System has an excellent website that allows you to find your property on an interactive map. There is a cartographic tool that communicates the location of each plot in the county, as well as the name of each plot and its address. Ashland City, a town of 4,500 people, prides itself on being a small town, but it is home to the following facilities:, the County Office of Public Works, and the State of Indiana Department of Transportation.

The average annual temperature in Bloomingdale is 18 degrees Celsius and about 528 mm of rain falls per year. Bloomingley will be dry for 17 days, and 19 days will be dry. The average temperature for August in Ashland City, a city of 4,500 people, is -18 degrees. October is the second driest month of the year with an average rainfall of 1.5 mm per month. August is one of the wettest months, with an annual average of 2.8mm, but so far this year has seen 3.1mm of rainfall.

Bloomingdale will be dry for 15 days, and the average snow during the march will be 2 days. This month Bloomingley will be drier for 17 days, but it will snow an average of 6 days in December. The average annual temperature in Ashland City, a city of 4,500 people, is -18 degrees.

Bloomingdale will be dry for 13 days, and December will see an average of 2 days of snow. In Ashland City, a city of 4,500 people, the average annual temperature in April is -18 degrees. September is the second driest month for the city with an average temperature of -6 degrees, but it is drier than June. Bloomingley will be dry and wetter for 20 days of the year than August, September, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August and September.

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More About Bloomingdale